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Convicted Driver

We understand that when you slip up, you’re not likely to be repeating your actions any time soon. We’re specialist in providing convicted drivers with competitive insurance premiums.

Some insurers will charge those who have drink driving or speeding convictions unreasonable prices, or shy away from them altogether, but we recognise that our customers need affordable insurance for their vehicle before they can make the best of their second chance.

Rather than being dangerous drivers, we believe that those with previous convictions can be some of the safest drivers around because they’ve had to become much more conscientious, and that should be reflected in their insurance policy and is the main reasoning behind our competitive convicted driver insurance.

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A Choice

Convicted Driver Insurance

It’s unfortunate that previous errors of judgement could affect some drivers many years later. We don’t believe you should miss out on car insurance at the best possible price, which is why we work with some of the UK’s most competitive insurance companies to find a policy that works for you.

Our partners understand the market for drivers with convictions and how best to help them, so you’ll be in good hands. Rather than hunting high and low for a price you can afford and a convicted driver insurance company who understands your position, just come straight to us and we’ll do it all for you.

You may have different circumstances, but we treat all of our potential and existing customers fairly and without judgement. We recognise that you’re an individual, not just a piece of information on paper, so we sympathise with anyone who has put their past behind them but is still paying over the odds for it. We are a specialist insurance broker and our expertise lie in providing cheap convicted driver insurance

Premium Choice have been helping drivers of all ages, no matter what their history, for nearly fifteen years and will continue to do so. Just give our specially trained team a call, tell us about yourself, and we’ll find the best price for you.

A Choice

Common motoring convictions

  • SP30 – Exceeding Statutory Speed Limit
  • SP50 – Exceeding Motorway Limit
  • TS10 – Traffic Lights Offence
  • IN10 – Driving Uninsured
  • CU80 – Driving Whilst Using A Mobile Phone
  • DR10 – Driving With Alcohol Over Limit
  • LC20 – Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
  • CD10 – Driving Without Due Care And Attention
  • SP60 – Undefined Speeding Offence
  • SP10 – Speeding, Goods Vehicle

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