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Learner driver insurance own car

Cover from only 70 pence* a day.
Annual insurance on your own car.
Start earning your No-Claims Bonus.
Option to switch from provisional to full licence once you pass test.
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Own car learner driver insurance

Our learner driver insurance is an annual policy that lets you practice your driving skills in your own car. You will get an insurance policy in your name, and you can start earning a No-Claims Bonus as a provisional holder, if you are claim free.

Additional practice in your car will help you build up your confidence, and you’ll become more comfortable with the controls and how the car drives. It might also help reduce the number of required professional lessons since you will practice more in your own vehicle.

Once you pass your test, you can switch from your provisional policy to a full licence policy (subject to an additional premium). Let us know as soon as you pass, so we can update your cover.

This policy covers

Provisional licence holders:

Aged between 17 and 24.
Practising in your own car.
For 12 months from the cover start date.

This policy
does not:

Cover practising in someone else’s car.
Cover vehicles that are worth more than £20,000.

How A Choice learner driver insurance works

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l plates and p plates

Helping learner drivers for more than 25 years

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping young motorists get a great deal on their learner driver insurance. Our team are here to give you the best advice and help you need to get you on the road.

At A Choice, we are transparent from the start about the options available to you and the costs involved. We also work with a trusted panel of insurers, to help you find the right insurance, at the right price.

Start earning your No-Claims Bonus

Traditionally, a parent would add their son or daughter to their own car insurance policy as a ‘named driver’. Whilst at first, this may seem like a cost-effective solution, adding a ‘named driver’ can be costly and some insurers don’t allow it. If the ‘named driver’ has an accident behind the wheel, the vehicle’s owner could be at risk of losing their No-Claims Bonus.

We hope it doesn’t come to it, but by having your own insurance policy, your parent’s No-Claims Bonus won’t be affected if you make a claim. Best of all, you can start earning your own No-Claims Bonus from the day you take out your policy, regardless of whether you pass your test or not.

Learner insurance own car

Practice makes perfect as they say. With our provisional insurance, you can practice your driving skills in your own car, so you’ll be well prepared when it’s time to take your practical test and when it’s time to go it alone when you pass. You’ll get an insurance policy in your name and you can start earning a No-Claims Discount as a provisional holder, if you’re claim free. This policy gives you the flexibility to improve your driving and gain valuable experience behind the wheel when it suits you.

If you’re a provisional licence holder, aged between 17 and 24, we can cover you in a wide range of vehicles under 18 years old. Each driver must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that holds a full UK driving licence.

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Instant cover

Enter your reg, the postcode of where the car is kept and a few personal details to get set up. Cover can start immediately.

Car icon

Practice more

Practice as and when is convenient for you. Gain valuable driving experience, which could help you pass your test faster.

Hand holding car document

No-Claims Bonus

Start earning a No-Claims Discount, provided you don’t have an accident or make a claim during the policy period.

Learner insurance benefits

  • Unique insurance policy which offers you two options at the start of your policy to cover you both on a provisional and once you have passed.
  • Learner driver can earn a No Claims Bonus.
  • No driving curfews. Freedom to practice when you want.
  • UK call centre.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week claims helpline.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Wide range of optional extras.
silver hatchback car with l plates

Continuous learner insurance when you pass your driving test

We can keep you insured once you pass your test (subject to an additional premium), provided you fit a telematics device to your vehicle. Also, if you stay claim-free as a learner driver, you can continue your way to your own No-Claims Discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Types of cover for learner drivers

At A Choice we can offer two levels of cover for learner drivers.

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Comprehensive coverage includes protection for third-party claims, fire and theft damage, accidental damage to your own vehicle, malicious damage, and windshield cover.

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Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft coverage includes protection for fire and theft damage to your vehicle, as well as damage to a third-party vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Some learner drivers feel more comfortable practising their driving skills in their own car rather than someone else’s. You can take your driving test in your car, provided it meets certain rules. For more information, see Driving test in your own car.

Once you pass your test, you must contact us straight away so we can update your policy. Otherwise, you won’t be insured to drive the vehicle home from the test centre.

We don’t require provisional holders to fit a black box whilst they are learning to drive under supervision. However, they will need to fit a black box when they switch to a full licence policy.

A black box or telematics device is a small electronic gadget installed in a vehicle that monitors driving behaviour. It collects data on factors like speed, braking, and the time of day you drive. The device provides insurers with accurate data about a motorists driving habits. If you drive safely and responsibly, your premium may be reduced at renewal. 

A black box is a great way for young motorists to get affordable car insurance. It can also help them stay safe on the roads by providing regular feedback on how they drive.

For more information, see Telematics frequently asked questions

The learner driver must be accompanied by a qualified driver aged at least 35 years or over, who has held a Full UK driving licence for at least three years and has not been disqualified during that period.

Our learner driver policies cover provisional licence holders aged between 17 and 24.

We’ll cover most vehicles, which have a current market value of £30,000 or less and are under 16 years old.

Your insurance only covers the car you originally insured, not any other cars.

You can get a car insurance quote in just a few minutes. Simply provide us with a few details about yourself, your vehicle, your driving history, and the type of insurance coverage you’re looking for, and we can arrange coverage promptly, depending on your requirements.

Including a more experienced motorist as a named driver on a learner policy may reduce your premiums. Sharing the vehicle with someone else lowers the risk of accidents. However, the named driver cannot be the vehicle’s main driver or owner.

Once you pass your test, you must contact us straight away so we can update your policy. Otherwise, you won’t be insured to drive the vehicle home from the test centre.

Our learner driver policies last for twelve months from the cover start date, as indicated in the policy schedule. 

With our annual learner policies, you can earn a No-Claims Bonus provided you don’t have an accident or make a claim during the policy period.

Learner drivers can only drive on the motorway if supervised by an approved driving instructor in a car fitted with dual controls, correctly displaying L plates.

Our learner driver insurance provides a policy in the provisional holder’s name, allowing them to earn a No-Claims Bonus if they remain claim-free. As the insurance is under the provisional holder’s name, the supervising driver’s No-Claims Bonus remains unaffected even if they make a claim.

Learner drivers can drive at night under correct supervision. While it can be beneficial for learner drivers to practice their driving skills at night in readiness for when they pass their test, driving at night is challenging and statistically more dangerous.

Provisional license holders are not covered for driving abroad; coverage is limited to the United Kingdom.

Various factors affect how long it takes to learn to drive, such as your age, commitment to lessons, quality of tuition, and confidence levels. However, research from the DVSA suggests it takes around 45 hours of professional driving lessons and a further 22 hours of private practice to reach the test standards.

If you are retaking your driving test because of a past conviction or ban, you may not be eligible for a learner driver policy. However, getting a specialist policy specifically for drivers with convictions may be possible.

If you are learning to drive with the same friend or family member, they can add you as a named driver on their motor insurance policy. However, whilst this will cover you to drive their vehicle under correct supervision, it will increase the main policyholder’s insurance premiums. It will also affect their No-Claims Discount if you have an accident.

Your licence will be revoked if you accumulate six or more points within two years of passing your test. Any existing penalty points on your provisional licence will be transferred to your full licence once you pass your test. Your licence will be cancelled if you receive additional penalty points that take the total to six or more within the first two years of passing your driving test.

A provisional driving licence is valid for ten years, and you will receive a renewal reminder before your licence expires.

You can include breakdown coverage in your learner policy; prices start from £42 per year. Our breakdown cover ensures you receive assistance when your vehicle breaks down, preventing you from being stranded at the roadside. The policy includes roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, home start, and onward travel cover.

In the UK, learner drivers must display L plates on the front and back of their vehicles. Not using L plates or displaying them incorrectly could result in a fine or penalty points on the learner’s provisional licence.

More information

If you would like further information, call us on 0330 127 4500.

*Price based on a 17 year old provisional licence holder, living at home, driving a Fiat 500 Lounge, Post code B78.
Price includes Insurance Premium Tax at the prevailing rate, a £95 setup administration fee and is subject to underwriting criteria.

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