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Telematics frequently asked questions

If you’re a young or inexperienced driver, car insurance can be expensive. A telematics insurance policy is an affordable solution that can help keep drivers safer on the roads by providing data and feedback on how they drive.

Here’s a look at some frequently asked questions about telematics insurance.

What is telematics insurance?

A telematics insurance policy calculates the cost of your premium based on how the vehicle is driven. It involves fitting a small device into your vehicle, which measures your driving behaviour and collects information on your speed, braking, and the time of day or night you drive.

If you drive safely and responsibly, your premium may be reduced at renewal.

A telematics policy provides several benefits:

  • Feedback on your driving and suggestions on how you can drive more safely.
  • Crash detection and assistance if you have been involved in an accident.
  • The device uses tracking technology which can help locate your vehicle if it is stolen.

Can you drive before you receive the device?

When you take out telematics insurance through A Choice, you’re covered to drive the vehicle as soon as the policy starts. However, you will need to fit the device as soon as it arrives by post, otherwise, your policy may be cancelled.

Can the device be removed during the policy?

A condition of a telematics policy is that the device must remain installed and active for the full duration of the policy term. If you remove the device or interfere with it in any other way, the insurer may cancel the policy and refuse to pay out on any claims.

If you need to remove the device, for example, so diagnostic work can be undertaken in the event of a routine service, you must inform us so that we can update your policy.

Can you only drive at certain times of the day?

Our telematics policies do not come with curfews or driving restrictions, giving you the freedom to drive when you want. However, regularly driving late at night, for example, between 11 pm and 5 am will impact your driving score.

Does the device record my conversations?

The telematics collects data on how, when, and where you drive. This data is used to calculate your driving score and ensure your insurance premium reflects your driving style. This device does not record your conversations.

Will the police be informed if the driver speeds?

We always encourage motorists to drive safely and responsibly. However, we will not inform the police if you have been speeding or share your driving data unless we are required to do so by law.   

Remember, regular speeding can affect your driving score and put you and other road users at risk. Furthermore, regularly speeding or driving at a speed that is unsafe may result in your policy being cancelled.

Will passengers notice there’s a telematics device fitted in the vehicle?

The device is about the size of a matchbox and is typically installed in the vehicle out of sight.  

Our device fits discreetly into the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) or OBD (on-board diagnostics) port of your vehicle. So unless you tell someone you have a telematics device fitted, the chances are they won’t know you have one.

Will a telematics device cause a distraction when driving?

Unlike some telematics devices which affix to the windscreen, our device fits discreetly into the 12v power socket (cigarette lighter) or OBD (on-board diagnostics) port of your vehicle. It will not interfere with your line of vision or distract you from your driving.

Does the device need to be professionally installed?

Installing the device into your vehicle should only take a few minutes. It is a self-fit device that does not need to be professionally installed, so there’s no waiting around for an engineer or having to pay extra for installation.

Do you share the driving data with other companies?

Your device collects data on your driving behaviour. We only share your data with our partners where this is necessary to administer the policy.

Will a telematics device drain the car’s battery?

A telematics device requires a small amount of charge to function (less than a car stereo). It will not drain your battery, providing the battery is in good working order.

Can you use the old telematics device when taking out a new policy?

A telematics device is typically not transferrable from one insurance policy to another. When you take out a new telematics policy, the insurer will provide a new device specifically designed to be paired with your new policy. The new device must remain installed throughout the policy period.

Can your get penalised for underestimating mileage?

At the start of your policy, you will be asked to provide an estimated annual mileage, which is used to calculate your insurance premiums amongst other rating factors.

If we think you’ll exceed your estimated mileage, you will need to contact us to amend your policy and your premium will increase.

Where is the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port located?

The image below provides examples of where your self-fit device can be plugged in. Click on each circle to learn more.

silver car top view

In the engine bay

Under the dashboard

Under the handbrake

In the luggage compartment