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Vehicle Replacement Insurance

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Most policies these days will usually provide some provision for a courtesy vehicle. This is typically subject to you utilising your insurer’s approved repairer network and depends on availability of a courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle undergoes repair.

This policy removes the uncertainty of access to a replacement vehicle for specific incidents and provides you with continued independence and the cost of alternative means of travel.

The Cover

This policy will pay for the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle or provide you with a temporary replacement vehicle should your vehicle be rendered un-drivable by a single road traffic collision, fire, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft (excluding if due to glass damage).

Maximum number of claims

Two claims can be made during the policy period.

A 14-day cooling-off period

During this time the premium will be refunded in full subject to no claims having been made.

Main Conditions

  • You must first accept a replacement vehicle if offered by your insurers via an approved courtesy car facility.
  • A comprehensive insurance policy must be in force against which a claim must have been reported and claim reference obtained.
  • Reasonable steps must be taken to mitigate the cost of a claim.
  • All incidents, with the exception of road traffic accidents, must be reported to the Police and obtain a crime reference number.
  • All claims must be reported to the claims administrator within 14 days of any incident giving rise to a claim.
  • You must satisfy the age and licensing rules of the hire company that is chosen and must follow any conditions of hire. 

Significant exclusions and limitations

  • The premium is not refundable after the 14 day cooling-off period.
  • There is a 48 hour exclusion period if this policy is not taken out at the same time as the primary comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Vehicle hire costs incurred before a claim is accepted are not covered.
  • Fuel, fares, fines and penalties relating to hire vehicle are not covered.
  • There is no cover for claims where damage is caused during theft/attempted of contents.
  • Claims resulting from theft or vandalism that have not been reported to the Police are not covered.
  • The policy cannot be transferred to another vehicle, if you sell your vehicle the cover will end. 

The full terms and conditions are included in the policy booklet and policy schedule.

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