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Motor legal protection 

Cover is only £25.
Up to £100,000 of legal cover.
Specialist personal injury advice and support.
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What is motor legal protection?

Motor legal protection is designed to make sure you don’t lose out financially if you are involved in a road traffic collision that is not your fault. It covers legal costs and expenses in pursuing a claim against the at fault party for compensation and other uninsured losses such as your policy excess and loss of earnings.

Our legal expenses insurance policy also helps to cover legal costs in defending a prosecution for a motoring offence and also costs in defending or removal of judgements incorrectly made against you arising from vehicle identity theft.

What’s covered?

Legal Costs – the costs of legal proceedings up to £100,000 arising from personal injury and/or losses sustained in a non-fault accident road traffic accident – helping you to recover uninsured losses such as your policy excess, loss of earnings or personal injury compensation.
Motor prosecution defence – costs incurred defending against a criminal prosecution of a motoring offence – up to £100,000.
Vehicle identity theft – costs incurred defending civil or criminal proceedings against you arising from the use of your vehicles identify by a third party without permission (or costs of removal of judgements incorrectly entered against you) – up to £100,000.
Vehicle Hire, Repair and Storage Charges – unrecovered charges incurred under a hire, repair, or storage agreement through On Hire up to £50,000. (which have not been recovered from the at fault party).
Medical Charges – unrecovered charges incurred through On Medical for Medico-Legal Reporting and Rehabilitation up to £5,000. (which have not been recovered from the at fault party).
24 Hour Legal Advice Helpline – your call will be answered 24 hours a day to provide you with confidential telephone advice about any personal legal problem in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Channel Islands.
  • We must agree there are reasonable prospects of success and you must use a representative or solicitor nominated by us. Legal costs and expenses incurred without our prior authorisation will not be covered.
  • Vehicle hire, repair, storage charges are covered where payable to On Hire Ltd (covering agreement(s) that you enter into with On Hire for the repair and/or recovery and storage of Your Vehicle)
  • Medical charges are covered where payable to On Medical Ltd (covering agreement(s) with On Medical for medical treatment resulting from personal injury or trauma sustained as a result of a Qualifying Incident.
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Claim back uninsured losses

Such as policy excess, replacement like for like hire car, personal injury, loss of earnings and compensation from the person at fault.

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Up to £100,000 of legal cover

Up to £100,000 of legal costs if you’re involved in a non-fault accident.

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24-hour legal advice helpline

You’ll have 24-hour access to a legal advice helpline.

What’s not covered?

  • Costs incurred without prior approval.
  • Claims for more than the limit of indemnity stated.
  • Any hire, repair, storage, or medical charges not payable to On Hire Ltd or On Medical Ltd, or where you have breached your agreement with them.
  • On Hire charges or On Medical charges where the third party is not insured and payment is not recoverable from the Motor Insurance Bureau.

Further T&Cs apply, please see our policy booklet for full details.

Frequently asked questions

Motor Legal Protection is primarily designed to help with non-fault accidents.

If you have a comprehensive policy, your insurers may help you to recover some of the uninsured losses, but this can take a long time and a full recovery is never guaranteed.

Your home insurance may include legal protection. However, it is unlikely to provide an Accident Management Service. These options are usually limited to cover legal costs and expenses arising from non-motor related incidents.

A ‘no-win no-fee’ service, will usually take a large cut or commission of your compensation and you will also need to agree to their terms. Whereas, through our legal protection, not only will you receive the compensation in full, you will also receive specialist legal advice and expertise.

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