Note: This product is only available when purchased with an A Choice motor insurance policy.

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Motor legal protection

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What is motor legal protection?

If you’re involved in a motor accident that’s not your fault, our Motor Legal Protection covers the legal costs and expenses up to £50,000 of claims for personal injury and compensation.

With this policy, you will receive the compensation you’re entitled to in full if your claim is successful. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that an experienced legal professional will manage your claim.

Financial & Legal provide the cover, which is a separate policy and won’t affect your No Claims Bonus or renewal premium on your motor insurance.

Why choose motor legal protection?

Pursuing a claim for personal injury as a result of motoring accident can be expensive. Motor Legal Protection can help you recover losses that you may not be covered for on your insurance policy. If you or a passenger are involved in a motoring accident that isn’t your fault, Motor Legal Protection could help you claim compensation for those injuries.

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Claim back uninsured losses

Such as policy excess, replacement like for like hire car, personal injury, loss of earnings and compensation from the person at fault.

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Up to £50,000 of legal cover

Up to £50,000 of legal costs if you’re involved in a non-fault accident.

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24-hour legal advice helpline

You’ll have 24-hour access to a legal advice helpline. For advice on any motoring accident, call 0845 674 0070.

What’s not covered?

  • Claims outside the courts of Great Britain are not covered.
  • Criminal acts or omissions.
  • Claims for more than the limit of indemnity, as shown as £50,000 in any one period insurance.
  • Costs incurred without prior approval.

Further T&Cs apply, please see our policy booklet for full details.

Frequently asked questions


Does motor legal protection cover me for fault accidents?

Motor Legal Protection is primarily designed to help with non-fault accidents.


Does my motor insurance policy cover legal protection?

If you have a comprehensive policy, your insurers may help you to recover some of the uninsured losses, but this can take a long time and a full recovery is never guaranteed.


Does my home insurance cover legal protection?

Your home insurance may include legal protection. However, it is unlikely to provide an Accident Management Service. These options are usually limited to cover legal costs and expenses arising from non-motor related incidents.


What if I use a ‘no-win no-fee’ company instead?

A ‘no-win no-fee’ service, will usually take a large cut or commission of your compensation and you will also need to agree to their terms. Whereas, through our legal protection, not only will you receive the compensation in full, you will also receive specialist legal advice and expertise.

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