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10 Question Mock Theory Test

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Mock theory test

Test your knowledge of the UK Highway Code. This is the lite version of the mock theory test, which consists of 10 multiple choice questions from the DVSA question bank, each with 4 possible answers.

If you have a bit more time, you could also try the extended version of the quiz, which consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

You have 10 minutes to complete the test. 

Driving theory test challenge lite version

Pick your answer, check the facts and we’ll tot up your answers to see how you’ve scored. Good luck!

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Q: What should you do when leaving your vehicle parked and unattended?

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Q: You're driving on a single carriageway road. Why should you keep well back while you're following a large vehicle?

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Q: Which type of crossing allows cyclists to ride across with pedestrians?

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Q: How can you reduce the chances of your car being broken into when leaving it unattended?

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Q: What's the main hazard you should be aware of when following this cyclist?

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Q: What should you do when you park a car facing downhill?

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Q: What does this sign mean?

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Q: You're driving in a slow-moving queue of traffic. What should you do just before changing lane?

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Q: Who should obey diamond-shaped traffic signs?

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Q: You're driving behind a large goods vehicle. What should you do if it signals left but steers to the right?

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