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Key insurance

Covers replacement keys, replacement locks and locksmith charges.
Covers all keys attached to your Keycare fob.
24-hour emergency helpline.
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12 months key cover from only £17.00

Losing your keys can be extremely annoying, frustrating and expensive to replace. Take the hassle and stress away from losing your keys with our key insurance. It covers you for lost or stolen keys and locksmith charges if you lock yourself out of your home.

Keycare provide the cover, which is a separate policy to your motor insurance and won’t affect your No Claims Discount or renewal premium. At the start of the policy, you will be given a fob to attach to the keys that you want to insure. Each fob has a unique fob number to help identify your keys should they go missing and if they can’t be found, Keycare will arrange for a locksmith to gain entry to your home or vehicle.

This is a 12-month policy which covers you for lost or stolen keys anywhere in the world, providing they are attached to the Keycare fob.

Did you know

  • An estimated 5.6 million keys are lost every year in the UK. A third of lost keys are returned to their owners by Keycare.
  • In 2015, around 30% of people in Britain had their car keys stolen and between April 2014 and 2015, 43% of vehicles were stolen using the owner’s keys.
  • The average call-out fee for key locked in a house is approximately £120. For a key locked in a car, the price rises to £144 and for a house deadlock, the price can reach up to £210.
  • Keycare currently have 2.1 million customers who rate them highly, with over 78% of them happy to recommend the product.

Source: Keycare (2018)

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Key insurance benefits

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Cover for replacement keys

Replacement keys, replacement locks and any locksmith charges up to £1,500 per policy.

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Cover for all your keys

Any of your keys attached to the fob are covered, not just your home and car keys. Keycare will provide you with the fob when the policy is taken out.

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Key cover for family members

The policy covers any immediate family member living at the same address as the main policyholder.

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Travel costs covered

Onward transport costs up to £80 per claim for getting you or your vehicle to your original destination.

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Access to a network of locksmiths

If necessary, Keycare will find you a locksmith from a nationwide network of trusted locksmiths.

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Vehicle hire

The policy includes up to three days vehicle hire costs, up to £40 per day if your insured vehicle is unusable as a result of lost or stolen keys.

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24/7 emergency helpline

UK based 24-hour emergency helpline, available 365 days a year.

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No excess to pay

No excess to pay if you claim.

£10 reward To the finder of lost keys

Keycare will pay a £10 reward to the person who finds your lost keys.

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To make a claim

To make a claim, call Keycare on 0345 303 0550 as soon as possible and within 30 days of the incident. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm or Saturday 9am to 3pm. You must report any claim to Keycare within 30 days of the insured event.

Stolen keys

If your keys have been stolen, report to the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number.

How many times a year can I make a claim?

You can make more than one claim within the period of insurance providing the total sum payable does not exceed the cover limit of £1,500 per policy period.

Will a key claim affect my No Claims Bonus on my motor policy?

Your No Claims Bonus on your motor policy will not be affected if you make a Keycare claim.

When does the cover start and end?

The standard length of the policy is 12 months from the date on which the cover starts, this will be shown in your policy schedule.

What’s not covered

  • Keys which are not attached to the key fob at the time of the loss.
  • Costs relating to a damaged key or lock.
  • More than one replacement key for car keys, or more than 3 replacement keys for house keys.
  • Claims not notified to Keycare within 30 days of the incident.
  • There is a waiting period of 3 days after taking out the policy before claims can be considered.
  • Costs relating to a damaged key or lock.
  • Claims where you fail to provide Keycare with valid receipts and/or invoices.
  • Costs incurred where a locksmith or tradesman has been arranged and you fail to attend the appointment.
  • Wear and tear and/or general maintenance of locks.
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Do not attach anything with your name or address to the Keycare fob. The full terms and conditions are included in the Policy Booklet and Policy Schedule, which will be issued to you after you have purchased the policy.