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Excess protection insurance

Claim back the excess you’ve paid on your main motor insurance policy.
Covers claims resulting from accidental damage, fire, theft & malicious damage.
Choose from a flexible range of policy excess limits.
A flexible range of policy excess limits are available to suit your needs from £300 to £3000.
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What is excess protection insurance?

Excess protection insurance allows you to claim back the excess paid on your motor insurance policy in the event of a claim for:

  • Accidental damage.
  • Fire.
  • Theft or attempted theft.
  • Malicious damage.

Knowing that your excess is covered provides peace of mind and gives you the option of increasing the excess on your motor insurance policy, which may reduce your premiums.

Underwritten by Strategic Insurance Services Limited. It is a separate 12-month policy that won’t affect your No Claims Bonus or renewal premium on your main motor insurance policy.

There are 7 levels of excess protection available. You can make more than one claim up to the chosen excess amount limit on the policy. For example, if your main motor policy excess was £250 and you chose a £1,000 limit on your excess protection insurance, you could claim up to four times. (Your excess protection insurance will continue to provide cover until your annual aggregate limit is reached, providing the claims are within the period of insurance).

Vehicle types covered

Motorcycles, private and business cars seating up to 7 passengers and commercial vehicles up to 44 tonnes.

How do I make a claim?

Any claim you wish to make will be handled by Davies Group Limited behalf of Strategic Insurance Services Limited.

If the Insured Vehicle is involved in a road traffic collision, suffers fire or malicious damage or is stolen, you must report it to the Claims Administrator immediately.


Visit where you will be able to register your claim online. This is the quickest and easiest way to submit Your claim.

By phone

If you prefer to claim by phone, please call 0344 856 2359 to notify your claim.

All claims must be notified within 14 days after the event giving rise to the claim.

What’s not covered?

  • Any claim that your motor insurance policy does not respond to.
  • Any claims where the cost of repair for your vehicle is less than the excess amount under the main motor insurance policy.
  • Any claim that is refused under your motor insurance policy.
  • Any claim arising from glass repair or replacement.
  • Any claim arising from breakdown or misfuelling.
  • Any claim where the motor vehicle is being used:
    • For Commercial Use, Business Use Class 3 or hire and reward (unless your Motor Vehicle has been declared as a business car, commercial vehicle or a taxi).
    • For any purpose in connection with the motor trade.
    • In any competition, trial, performance test, race or trial of speed, including off-road events, whether between motor vehicles or otherwise, and irrespective of whether this takes place on any circuit or track, formed or otherwise, and regardless of any statutory authorisation of any such event.
  • This type of policy covers the excess on claims for damage to your vehicle and does not cover liability or any other excess you may need to pay.

Are there any restrictions on the cover?

  • Your main motor insurance policy must be maintained, current and valid.
  • Cover will only apply to the vehicle specified on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

Excess protection insurance FAQs

You can make a maximum of 2 claims under the policy during the period of insurance.

You will need to submit your claim within 14 days following the successful settlement of your claim under your main motor insurance policy.

When taken out in conjunction with your main motor insurance policy, your excess protection insurance starts straight away and covers you for the Period of Insurance as shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

Yes, your excess protection policy will respond once you have successfully claimed and paid the excess on your main motor insurance policy.

Specific documents will be requested during submission of your claim, examples include, a letter from your insurer confirming the excess is paid or deducted from settlement in the event of a total loss or a garage receipt.

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